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New: Astound Mammoth Masonry

Garold Burke works on the entry to the Castle Dale cemetery.


Garold Burke recently completed what will become the new entry way into the Castle Dale cemetery. Burke did the masonry work on the new entry. Burke said he recently started his own company which he named Astound Mammoth Masonry and he's based in Castle Dale.

He does all types of masonry work. He said he hasn't advertised yet, but he's been busy with word of mouth referrals. He worked with a general contractor and decided he wanted to go out on his own and specialize in masonry so he worked and earned his masonry license. He has worked on fireplaces and retaining walls, anything that requires masonry work, he's up to the task.

In working on the new cemetery entry way, he was asked to make it as similar to the rock entryway on the east side. The new west side entry by the Cheddar ball field will become the main entrance to the cemetery. Rest rooms were recently added to Cheddar Field.

So far, Burke is his only employee, but when his brother Randy Burke was in town, Garold didn't hesitate to put him to work helping out with the project.

After Burke's work on the bricks is complete, there will be cement caps placed on top of the pillars he has created. The bricks are configured so two large flower beds are formed which will add color to the cemetery entrance.

Burke calls Castle Dale home now after being raised in the Montezuema Creek area in San Juan County. He and his wife have five children, one in junior high, one in fifth grade, a kindergartener and two little ones. Four boys and one girl make up the Burke family. His wife is Megan Allen from Blanding.

Burke is currently very busy and is working on five jobs all at the same time.

Burke is just getting his business established and encourages anyone in need of masonry work to consider giving him a try. His number is 435-749-9417.

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