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Cleveland Town hears about cable TV

Staff writer

Jared Anderson of Emery Telcom announced to the Cleveland Town Council meeting of Emery Telcom's intent to launch a new television programming service in Emery County. Anderson is visiting with Clevelands's council because when their other cable TV supplier Mallard, ceased to provide service, Emery Telcom took over that service.

"We already have a franchise agreement with Cleveland," said Anderson. "Our cable packages are available in Cleveland and Elmo now. We came here first because it would only be an adjustment to a current franchise agreement, whereas the other towns will be an entire new agreement."

Emery Telcom has hired a person to film local events and they have also purchased the equipment for the project. A film studio has been set up in their Price office building to accommodate this equipment and the needed space. They plan to broadcast these local events on their own TV station, it will be known as Emery Telcom IP TV.

Cleveland Mayor Chris Parkins inquired about the available band width and its sufficiency. Anderson assured Parkins the band width available is more than sufficient to handle the needs for the new TV service. Anderson also stated that when this project is complete, this service will be available county wide with only a few pockets of residences which will not be able to receive the service.

Anderson explained the new TV service will have 44 channels which are high definition. By the end of the year, it is projected to have 80 channels and will be delivered to homes through the telephone lines. One extra convenience of this service will be videos on demand. This will enable a customer to begin a movie at anytime during the day or night.

As Anderson had previously explained, the new film person will attend all events in the county and will film them for broadcast on this station. A business spotlight is also planned for the new channel. Anderson stated Emery Telcom is hoping for a fall launch of this new service, and will offer several entertainment packages to their customers.

The Cleveland Town Council will review the amendment to the existing franchise agreement and will make their decision at a later date.

In other action by the council, it was decided to make a change to the way the town currently charges for annexations. In the past, they have charged a flat fee of $100. With the rise in advertising rates and the labor intensive process, the council decided to charge a fee of $100 for filing for an annexation. Along with this charge, the requesting party will be charged all the fees for advertising at the time the annexation is finalized by the council.

Before adjourning, Mayor Parkins announced the town will soon begin the process of updating the town's ordinances. The next Cleveland Town Council meeting will be held Aug. 14 at 7 p.m.

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