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Castle Dale Library hosts Storytime summer finale

Castle Dale librarian Jaki Collard reads a book about the bugs' holidays to the children at the final Storytime for the summer.
Castle Dale librarian Roxanne Noyes reads about a bug's Christmas.
The Castle Dale library caterpillar has grown over the summer. At the beginning of the summer, the caterpillar had no body parts. For each 10 hours a child read, he or she could write their name on an additional body part and add it to the caterpillar.

Castle Dale librarians Roxanne Noyes and Jaki Collard hosted a finale bash for Storytime for preschoolers at Castle Dale Library. Storytime has been every Wednesday morning at 11 a.m. at the library. With the theme "Catch the Reading Bug," each Wednesday has been a new adventure for the summer readers.

For the big finale, with bugs still at the party, Collard read a story to all those in attendance about bugs. The groups of children was then divided into four groups who then each went to four parties around the grounds and in the library.

Noyes hosted each of the four groups at a Bugs Christmas, Collard hosted the bug's birthday party, JB Mounteer hosted 4th of July party, and Emily White hosted the Easter party. At each party, the host read a story about that particular holiday and how the bug families celebrate.

At the Christmas party, the children were given a Christmas present, a birthday present at the birthday party, and at the Easter party they had an Easter egg hunt. Many Castle Dale children were on hand to enjoy the big Storytime finale bash.

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