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Hide race and wild cow milking events at rodeo

The wild cow milkers are a blur as they try to get the rope on the right cow.
Jesse Allred rides the horse and Nosh Arrien tries to get a good hold on the hide. They have a time of 14:52.


The wild cow milking event was a big attraction at the Desertview ProRodeo. There were winners for each day and an overall winner who took home the belt buckles from Montana Silver. Each team has their own cow they need to rope which is numbered. The rider chases the cows until he ropes his team's cow. The man on foot then hangs onto the cow trying to throw the cow to the ground or just hang on long enough so the roper can jump off the horse and coax a little bit of milk from the wild cow into a bottle. After this is accomplished they head for the scorer who tips the bottle upside down where a drop of milk has to come out of the bottle.

In Thursday's competition Tyler Jeffs and Brett Jeffs took first with Cliff McElprang and Will Payne taking second and Clayton Fox and Justin Miller coming in third. On Friday night Cliff and Will took first, Revis Rogers and Colten Allred were second and Chase Hinkins and Scott Cameron took third. On Saturday, Jesse Housekeeper and Brooks Behling were first and Kirt Christiansen and his partner Josh Jewkes took second. On Saturday Cliff and Will took third place.

The overall winners were Cliff McElprang and Will Payne.

Another added attraction this year was the hide race. It was so popular on Thursday night that it was requested for the Friday and Saturday night shows also. It was an exciting event, someone took out the judge, lost their pants and even wiped out the electronic eye. The winners on Thursday were Rod Magnuson and Lee Magnuson with a time of 10:28. Fridays winners were Dustin Hinkins and Chase Hinkins with a time of 10:18. On Saturday Revis Rogers and Lacey Branson were the top hide racers with a time of 11.44.

In the hide race the rider enters the arena and the hide rider waits down by the barrel.

The rider makes a swoop around the barrel pulling the hide and the hide rider jumps upon the hide as it flies by, the fastest time wins the event.

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