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Ferron City overcomes water scare

At the Ferron City Council meeting on Aug. 21, the council along with the Castle Valley Special Service District issued a boil order for the drinking water of all residents in Ferron. The order has since been lifted and the water in Ferron is safe to drink.

During monthly meter readings, the meter reader noted that one of the meters was running backward, which indicated something was drastically wrong. Upon further investigation, it was uncovered that one of the customers in Ferron had cross connected his secondary water lines and the culinary water system. This connection is not only extremely dangerous but highly illegal. Because of the difference in pressure between the two systems, the secondary water was entering the culinary system causing possible drinking water contamination .

Ferron City Attorney, David Blackwell, stated that charges for this kind of action could range anywhere from misdemeanor charges to federal felony charges.

All water lines in Ferron have been flushed and a sample of the water sent to the Utah State Health Department. The results came back and the water is safe to drink. The boil order was lifted on Aug. 23. The reports have all been made to the Utah Division of Drinking Water by the CVSSD.

Darrel Leamaster, from the CVSSD, has stated that an action such as this cross connection is illegal. Every city in the county has an ordinance against these cross connections.

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