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County Fairs a great investment

Communications Director
Utah Association of Counties

Each year, counties across Utah dedicate a few days of the week to bring their residents together in celebration of what makes their county unique. Though the social benefits of the county fair help link the community together, other aspects of the fairs make them an invaluable investment.

Historically, county fairs provided a n opportunity for communities to come together near the time of harvest to exchange and barter for goods in preparation for the upcoming year. Today, county fairs fulfill a slightly different role, ranging from the sale of storage shelves to the showcasing of agricultural and artistic talents.

County fairs have been happening in Utah since before Utah received statehood in 1896. Each year the fairs are adapting to what will draw their residents to the festivities. From creative themes such as Davis County's "Start your own Love A-Fair" to Sevier County's "A Treasure Chest of Sevier County's Best," the marketing of these fairs showcase the time, planning and talent that goes into making each fair successful.

One of the most visible and celebrated elements of a county fair is the unity it helps to create among county residents. Despite a range of competitions where Utahns are placed head-to-head, at the end of the day there is a sense of pride and unity among neighbors.

County fairs also offer a variety of opportunities for residents and travelers to join together and celebrate life in their county with concerts, a rodeo and demolition derby, or grand fireworks displays. Whether watching rock crawlers at the Millard County Fair or the Dutch-oven cook-off at the Box Elder County Fair, each fair is a reflection of the culture and rich history of each Utah county.

The economic aspects of county fairs should not be overlooked. During the fair, residents from the county and beyond its borders will travel to attend the events, entertain family, or showcase their own work. For example, fairgoers will travel from Hyrum, Smithfield and Lewiston to attend the Cache County Fair in Logan. While visiting the fair, they will purchase items from local businesses, hotels and restaurants, thus contributing to the county's economy.

Overall, the county fairs taking place across Utah during the next few weeks are a wise investment. The numerous benefits earned for each county through the organization and execution of a well-planned event develops unity among residents, provides economic benefit to local businesses, and celebrates the rich history and culture of each county.

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