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Emery resident killed in reenactment mishap in Sanpete County

Montell Seely

A well know Emery County resident was killed when a truck struck him during a pioneer reenactment at the mouth of Fairview Canyon at approximately 7:30 a.m. on Aug. 12.

Montell Seely, the founder of the Castle Valley Pageant and its most ardent supporter died at the scene of the accident along with family friend, Hannah Wagstaff, 13, who was from Tropic.

The driver of the truck said that as he approached the group he could not see them because of the sun in his eyes as he headed up the canyon. Some reports said that Seely had run back behind the handcart to wave at the truck to slow it down when he was struck. Reportedly the group on the road had a car in front of them to warn on coming traffic but no vehicle at the rear of the wagon and handcart group.

Three families were involved in the reenactment of the pioneers trek from Sanpete County into the area that is now known as Emery County. Two children were also injured in the accident and were transported to a local hospital. One child suffered a broken hip and is still in the hospital.

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