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Brave Americans

By Lilly Harrington
Castle Dale

Emery County Emergency Medical Technicians are honored during a program at San Rafael Junior High last November to honor the heroes of the past and present.

Last night I went to sleep and felt safe �

But you didn't!

Last night I got a good nights rest �

But you didn't!

This morning I woke up rested �

But you didn't!

Today I know I'm near my family �

But you are so far away.

I go to bed knowing I am safe �

But you can't.

My heart goes out to all of you.

You...who are the brave American heroes who are out there making sure that we are all safe back home �

But you aren't.

Your loyalty and love for America and its people is so very much appreciated and we are all proud of what you are doing for America � our prayers are with you all and may God bless you and may God bless America.

I am only one of many who feel so grateful for your bravery. My thanks to you...all the many men and women who are out there fighting for us � a million thank yous and God bless you, from one of many proud Americans.

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