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Editor's notes: I see bats

Bat on the wall in the foyer area. Yes, it's proof. Not my imagination.
Bat on the carpet on the stairs.


I see bats. But, I'm pretty sure it wasn't just me. I think everyone at the Peach Blossom Pageant on Friday and Saturday nights saw them too.

So don't think I've lost my last marble, but I have to tell you I've been traumatized. You know snakes don't bother me, spiders I can kill them with bare hands, but these bats weirded me out just a bit. They were dive bombing the master of ceremonies. I was scared for the little girls performing on the stage.

Every once in awhile they would fly out and circle around the performer.

Oh, you might wonder where we were, right in our Emery High auditorium. There is a bat problem there. Apparently the stage crew over the two nights killed about 35 of the little creatures.

I don't care if they are on the endangered species list. I didn't like them. They carry disease and I was afraid some child was going to be bit. If you have students at Emery High you should be concerned. Or, if you ever attend activities in the auditorium, you could become traumatized too.

I think the school should address this problem immediately. I know they have been flying around in there for years, but they seemed so bold this time. We have shot them with BB guns during our Miss Emery productions over the years, but really something should be done.

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