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Emery County Horse 4-H

Heidi Toomer.
Markie Rudman.

Horse 4-H in Emery County is wrapping up another fun season.

Competitors this year include juniors from third-fifth grade: McKoy Christiansen, Hanna Nielsen, Josie Bjarnson, Marissa Austin, Kacey Farnsworth, Zach Bell, Cody Rudman, Kaylee Swasey, Aspen Bloomer, Zachary Parlo, and Kaitlin Randall. Intermediates are from grades six-eight and include Jorgen Allred, Cindi Stevens, Camie Whittle, Heidi Toomer, Taylen Nielsen, Sidnee Conder, Josh Bell, Katina Farnsworth and Ryan Bell. Seniors are from ninth-12th grade and include Mandy Langston, Kelby Farnsworth, Markie Rudman and Dakin Allred.

Horse 4-H competition includes both judged events and speed events. The judged events this year have included a written test where participants are tested on their knowledge of horse science, care, and horsemanship.

The next event is showmanship at halter. The exhibitor is expected to have his horse well groomed and shows the judge how well he can handle his horse by leading at a walk and trot and performing other maneuvers such as setting up, backing and turning.

Western horsemanship displays the rider's ability to ride his horse at a walk, jog, gallop, stop, turn, and back up. The riders are judged on the ability to control the horse as well as form and technique. The 4-H judges look for hands, feet and seat.

The other judged event this year is reining. A reining horse is expected to gallop, stop, back up, spin, change leads, do rollbacks, and do it all in a controlled way with good eye appeal.

After the judged events, things loosen up a bit. Most exhibitors then change shirts, put the protective boots on their horses, and get ready to run. The events this year include barrels, poles, and flag race.

In addition to showing, the Emery County Horse 4-H kids are involved in service projects and fund raisers including the annual car wash during the pro rodeo.

This year they are sponsoring a cow patty and goat nugget party at Peach Days where the holder of the winning ticket receives money if the cow or goat chooses that square for his deposit.

For tickets, contact a Horse 4-H member.

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