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Andi Smith has a good softball season

Andi Smith number 14 with the championship Orangeville team.
Andi Smith number 3 with teammates on the Carbon All-star team.
Andi Smith pitches in a tournament in Orem.

Andi Smith has had quite the year for a 13 year old player. She was the winning pitcher for the Orangeville team which took the championship. She was the only girl from 7th grade on the Orangeville team. In the final game Andi pitched 5 innings, had 13 strikeouts and only one walk. Two batters got to first base on errors. For the three games of the tournament, she pitched 14 innings, had 33 strikouts, gave up 3 walks and a total of 4 earned and unearned runs. Andi's fastest pitch in the tournament was 55 mph, she averages between 51-53 mph in a game. This was good showing for a 13 year old player playing against girls up to 18 years of age. Andi also played on the 18 and under league in Price and earned a berth on the All Star team. She played on the Orangeville team in the 14-18 division. Even though she's 13 she played up to to experience more of a challenge in the softball games. She really learned a lot with the older girls. Andi's accuracy and speed with her pitching improved quite a bit playing with the older girls.

Andi's grandma Annie Sitterud is one of her most active supporters, She said, "Her grandfather, Michael Sitterud, is her pitching coach. They worked 6 days a week during the season. He wanted to make sure she had the endurance for pitching in tournaments so she'd pitch as many as 1,200 balls a week. They just love working together and both love the workouts."

It will be great to watch Andi in the future as she continues to play softball in the county and on neighboring teams.

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