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Emery Heat baseball team does well at tournament

Top row: Dale Fuller, Coach David Hreinsen, Dillon Wilstead, Tanner Lake, Austin Boren, Carson Healey, Coach Ryan Johansen, Ginn Barnes. Front row: Tai Justice, Ryan Barnes, Ethan Tuttle, Ridge Nielson, Jordon Fuller.

On Aug. 2-3, the Super League Emery Heat Team, went to Cedar City to a tournament.

They played two games Friday and won both of them. They played two games Saturday and won both of them.

There were 15 teams in the tournament, they separated these into two pools, eight teams in pool number one and seven teams in pool number two.

The Emery Heat was in pool number one. They took the top team from pool one and the top team from pool two, and they played the championship game.

If there is more than one team that wins all four games they then take the team that gives up the least runs.

The Heat and one other team won all four games, but the Heat team gave up two more runs than the other one.

So the Heat team didn't make it into the tournament by two runs.

That team ended up winning the tournament. It was Las Vegas Baseball Academy Lightning.

The Heat was very disappointed that their team didn't have a chance to have a play-off game with the champions.

Tyson Roper also plays on this team, but wasn't at this tournament.

Team supporters say, "We are very proud of our Emery heat team, and appreciate our coach David Hreinsen and his helpers."

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