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Emery County Progress and Stewarts Market team up for food bank

Corey Bluemel from the Emery County Progress hands sacks of food to food bank volunteers. Barbara Durand, Robin Gordon and Pat Preston.
Pat Preston hands bags of food to Barbara Durand at the food bank.
Wayne Huntington of Stewarts Market helps load the pick-up with food for the food bank.


The Emery County Progress newspaper has been partnering with Stewarts Market in Castle Dale to help the Emery County Food Bank. For every subscription sold the Progress donated $5 towards the purchase of food from Stewart's Market for the food bank.

Food bank volunteers include: Robin Gordon, Shelley Kerrick, Tina Snow, Barbara Durand and Pat Preston. Kathy Thomas is the director for the food bank. The food bank also offers others services along with distributing food to the needy.

Durand said, "This community has always been such a good support for the food bank. We do miss the DROPs truck. Not having it come each month has really hurt the community. People have had to tighten their budgets. We appreciate the donation of the food from the Progress."

Thomas said, "We rely on community donations, but we also get a lot of our food from the state food bank. A truck is due here today and the volunteers are here to help unload the truck. We have a lot of community donations, the community here is very generous. Our food bank hours are noon-4 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The number here at the food bank is 381-5410. We encourage everyone to use the food bank during those hours. There are emergency situations like if the Division of Child Family Services had an emergency where a family didn't have food, then we can help in that situation. We appreciate the donation of food by the Progress."

Wayne Huntington, Stewarts Market manager was glad to help out the food bank. A donation cart was placed in the store and the cashiers gave out the flyers to encourage shoppers to subscribe to the Progress. The food was purchased by the Progress employees at Stewarts with the money raised from the subscription drive.

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