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Meet the Candidate night on Sept. 24 at 7 p.m.

There might be fireworks, you better come and see for yourself at the Meet the Candidate night.


Emery County citizens will have a chance to meet their candidates on Sept. 24 at 7 p.m. as the Emery County Economic Development Council along with the Emery County Progress newspaper sponsor the event. It will be held at the Emery High Spartan Center in the Little Theatre. The Meet the Candidate night will begin with a three minute introduction from each of the candidates. Candidates from the local school board, commission race, governor, state senate, congress and the presidential races have been invited to speak.

Lou Sansevero, council chairman said, "Every election we're basically told 'This is the most important election ever.' This year with the economy in dire straits caused by the collapse of the housing market and the irrational energy policies of the past, it is really the most critical election in years and possibly the most important in my lifetime.

"In every election, and especially this election, it is vitally important for each voter to be well informed on the issues and to cast his or her ballot not based on partisan politics but based on which candidate actually addresses those issues.

"This 'Meet the Candidate' event gives the voters of Emery County, and anyone else who cares to attend, the opportunity to acquire the 'facts' needed to make that well informed decision in the voting booth and the opportunity to tell the candidates, in no uncertain terms, what the electorate want them to do. People get the government which they deserve no better no worst. If it's good government, it's because they made well informed choices based on facts. If, however, it's bad government it's because they made ill-informed choices based solely on emotion or party affiliation; in either case the person responsible for the quality of government and the state of the nation isn't the people who are elected to office but the people who elected them. Our problems today are caused by our ill informed choices of the past, let's change that, let's make tomorrow better. Attend this event to get to know your candidates better," said Sansevero.

After the introductions by the candidates a question and answer period will follow with questions from the audience. The questions will be written down and the moderator which is Lou Sansevero will ask the questions. Everyone is welcome to attend this event and bring their questions for the candidates.

The headquarters for the two presidential candidates have been contacted. Local candidates will include: school board candidates, Laurel Johansen, Mike McCandless, Rue Ware, Nanette Tanner, Sam Singleton, Janeal Dugmore. County commission includes incumbent Drew Sitterud, and challenger Laurie Pitchforth; state senate David Hinkins and Brad King. Each candidate who can't attend has been invited to send a representative in their place.

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