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Principal Ralph Worthen celebrates new office

Ralph Worthen, principal at Castle Dale Elementary has an expanded office.
Ralph Worthen tells how they took out walls to expand his office.


Ralph Worthen, principal at Castle Dale Elementary has a reason to smile these days. He's back at school and he has a newly remodeled office. His old office was not much bigger than the janitors closet so these days he is sitting pretty as he can actually entertain guests in his office.

Castle Dale Elementary recently hosted the Emery County School District board of education in their monthly meeting. Worthen entertained the board and also reported on the progress at his school. He said, "I wish to thank the board for their support of Castle Dale Elementary. Also, the District Office, anytime we have a question they are always willing to take the time to explain. I appreciate my new office. We have a new teacher here at Castle Dale. She is RoseAnn Dawes.

"We have a good faculty here at Castle Dale Elementary. We are implementing a new math program and our teachers have spent many hours preparing for this new math program. Our teachers are tackling the task. It is a good program and our teachers are working hard to implement it. It is not a typical math program and it takes a lot of preparation time. It could be a struggle at first for students.

"We are again working with Wendy Whittle's classes. She brings down students to read with our first and second grade students. This is very beneficial for both the high school students and our students.

"All of our classrooms are now equipped with smart boards and most of our teachers are using them. Our teachers here at Castle Dale Elementary are always willing to help each other.

"We have wonderful volunteers and the PTA sees to it that there is a parent for every classroom to help them with parties and other activities. We announce words of wisdom each morning and we are working on our character education," said Worthen.

Board president Laurel Johansen said thank you to Worthen and asked him to extend the appreciation of the board to his staff.

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