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Editor's notes: Are you sleep deprived?


Have any of you ever suffered from sleep deprivation? If so, I have deep sympathies for you. I have been suffering from this condition since that last week of August.

I thought I could endure for three weeks of getting up early for early morning drivers ed. They started out at 6 a.m. for a day and then decided they couldn't get enough hours in so they have the future drivers arrive at 5:30 a.m. now.

No, I am not a future driver, but I have a sophomore, who thinks he might drive some day so we have been trying to get him up and get him there and I help with car pooling them over. But, even on a day you don't drive them over you still have to be up to get them up and harrass them into getting ready.

I am not sure they are learning anything this early in the morning. The only hope I have that he might be listening and learning is the other day he told me I had pulled too far forward at the stop sign. I didn't stop even with the stop sign before proceeding forward. I am thankful, then he has learned one rule of driving. But, what about the 10 million other rules?

Getting up at 4 a.m. is like getting up in the middle of the night. It's just pure craziness. Then, I think well maybe this is good for him. Perhaps some day he will have a job where he has to get up that early to get to work. Maybe this is a preparation period for that future day.

I don't know, but I do know this is killing me. I am way too old for this 4 a.m. gig. I am not complaining, just bewildered by lack of sleep.

It doesn't work to try to go back to sleep after he leaves, once I'm up, then my brain, what's left of it, will kick on and I'll go through the things that need to be accomplished on this particular day and then I'm off and running.

Back in ancient times, when I was a youth they had drivers education during your sophomore year for one term along with health for two terms and a career options exploration class. Depending on when your birthday fell you would take it accordingly.

Being a February birthday kid, I remember taking it second term. We did our driving in the winter, which probably thrilled the drivers ed teacher. Brent Arnold back in the day was the lucky guy who took a car load of girls driving in the snow.

Well I hope to survive these three weeks, then the other day he broke the news to me that three weeks isn't quite enough it will continue on Monday and Tuesday of next week, too.

If you don't get your paper this week and it looks a little messy if you do, well you will know why; my sleep deprivation got the best of me and I snoozed through production day.

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