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Letter to the Editor: Is your child being educated or indoctinated?

St. George


The British High Court has ruled Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" is partisan propaganda and contains at least 11 scientific errors. It ruled the film should not be shown in classrooms "unless" accompanied by a document pointing out the scientific errors. The Court also ruled classroom time should be given for presenting an alternative view.

Is your child being forced to Watch Al Gore's propaganda film? If so, you should request a free copy of Education or Indoctrination? Al Gore in the Classroom, a collection of background readings produced by Heartland Institute.

Talk to your child's teacher, and if nessecary the principal, and ask them to remove Gore from the classroom or provide students with an alternative view.

If your child's teacher or principal isn't responsive, contact Maureen Martin, senior fellow for legal affairs or Heartland Institute for legal assistance. Because schools are for learning, not politics.

Many European and Asian countries are improving their schools, we are letting ours slip. America is only as strong as our schools.

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