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Letter to the Editor: McCain will lead



John McCain's leadership qualities are needed to steer this country through difficult economic times and threats to our national security.

McCain can be trusted to lead us because he has been vetted. As a naval officer of 22 years and with 26 years in Congress he has the executive experience to administer our government and accomplish our domestic and international objectives.

Obama has not been vetted. He has no executive experience and has been a member of Congress for four years, and has only a few accomplishments during his time in the Senate. He is a featherweight when we need a heavyweight.

I believe he has not been around long enough to have a detailed background investigation, which is required for a president to get a top secret security clearance. He might not qualify for a TS clearance based on his past associations with a number of extremists, including Reverend Wright, William Ayers and Frank Marshall Davis.

Obama has the thinnest resume for president in the history of our country, and would not qualify for CEO of any company in the U.S.; while McCain has a huge amount of experience, excellent judgement and will provide the leadership we need.

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