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Letter to the Editor: Feelings on the presidential debate



When watching the Presidential debate last Friday the roles the participants played became obvious to me. Senator Obama was the student returning home from his first year of college and explaining to his father, whom he is now smarter than, why he should control the family home for the summer, plus he should be allowed to take the family car back to college with him in the fall. Senator McCain, who loves his son and understands the arrogance, knows he is far from earning such responsibility and patiently refuses permission while explaining the reasons for his decision. It was an old story, old dependable dog versus young impetuous pup.

I kept thinking of Senator McCain, who as a young Naval Officer was a prisoner of war for five years in the worst of conditions. Even though Senator Obama came across as likable, he has lived his adult life surrounded by people who hate and mistrust our country. Senator McCain, who has literally been through hell for his country, will always love America, and seek to improve it, while Senator Obama, who has reaped many rewards from our country, wants to transform it.

I don't think these debates ever change anyone's mind or help the so called great undecided voters determine which candidate will receive their long awaited nod. People watching these things have pretty much made up their minds about whom they are going to support. They watch for the same reasons many go to the races, to see the crashes.

In last Friday's race (debate) I didn't see any spectacular crashes. But it did reaffirm my hope that the old tested racecar will beat the new flashy racecar across the finish line.

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