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Letter to the Editor: Straight talk for John McCain

Grove City


Though I was a Republican for 40 years, I actually stopped voting for Republican presidential candidates 20 plus years ago, opting for third party candidates. This year, after supporting Ron Paul in the primaries, I changed my registration to "independent". I didn't leave the Republican party, they left me. The Grand Ole Party has been stolen by big spending, religious fanatics, neo cons, war profiteers, and lobbyists.

You and your sidekick call yourselves "mavericks", but you both parrot the same party line as the liar currently occupying the White House. Despite the fact that the whole world knows he and his neo con pals have lied repeatedly and caused the deaths of nearly 5,000 American soldiers and a couple of hundred thousand innocent civilians in Iraq, you and your new sidekick insist on continuing the killing. We can only assume you want to kill off all the witnesses to Bush's war crimes. Bush has bankrupted this country fiscally and morally. The whole world thinks we're stark raving mad, and you're determined to prove them right.

You have surrounded yourself with the people who helped George Bush shred the Constitution and bankrupt our country. When you utter the words "country first" I have to wonder which country you are talking about. Is it the country Joe Lieberman represents or the ones represented by the lobbyists who guide you? It is certainly not the United States. If it were, you would be more concerned with protecting our borders, building our industries back up, educating our youth, producing our own food again, or providing healthcare for our people. I look at that angry stare in your eyes and it scares the daylights out of me. Oh, and stop calling us your "friends".

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