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Letter to the Editor: Is it justice?



On Oct. 6, Drew Sitterud was released from a six-day sentence in the Emery County Jail. I've thought a lot about this situation over the last few days. I've wondered what purpose was accomplished? Was the jail time a show to satisfy some angry citizens? Was the purpose to humiliate Drew and his family? Or was he locked up for political reasons making a future re-election to county commissioner a difficult or impossible victory? I don't in any way intend to be disrespectful to the justice system, I'm just searching for some justification.

After all, it's been several years since the crime for which Drew was sentenced took place. He testified under oath that the money had been claimed by mistake and it has long since been returned. So it just seems odd to sentence a man with no previous record of dishonesty to time in jail years after the fact, and conveniently right before elections.

If someone like Drew Sitterud can be put in jail, fined, and given extended probationary time because of bureaucratic miscommunication and error, everyone who works in Emery County politics should be afraid, because no matter how honest they are, they could be next.

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