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A Day at the Races

The Ferron horse races were completed on Sept. 14 after being rained out the previous weekend. Winners of the races were:

Race 1-250 yards

3 year old and up. Qtr. Horse

"Spectrum" owned by Larry Winn

Race 2-5 furlongs

Thoroughbred 3 years old and up

"Poco Stampede" owned by Ned Leavitt

Race 3-250 yards

Qtr. Horse 2 year old Maiden

"Endless Chatter" owned by Roger Ewell

Race 4-5 furlong

Thoroughbred Maiden

"D Sheiba" owned by Don Jensen

Race 5-250 yards

Qt. Horse Futurity

"Bowmans Mark" owned by Romer and Jean Curtis

Race 6-5 furlong

Thoroughbred Futurity

"Insane" owned by Steve Griffith and Dave Marshall

Race 7

Qtr. Horse Futurity

"A Special Chick" owned by Kent McKell

Race 8-250 yards

Qtr. Horse Derby

"BXT Twayna Turbo" owned by Butch and Rada Rogers

Race 9-250 yards

2 year old maiden Qtr. Horse

"Dawn Go Easy" owned by Allreds Horse Haven

Race 10-250 yards

Qtr. Horse Open

"DD Noble Sixty" owned by Dick York

Race 11

3/8 Open

"Silver Rabbit" owned by Suzy Iorg

Race 12

3/8 Open

"Liberty Counter" owned by Guss Black

Race 13-7 furlong

Millsite Mile

"Grog" owned by Ned Leavitt

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