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The Ferron Library Mystery

Miriam Sorenson as Robin Hood with Trudie Waddoups as Aladdin, Christine Cottrell as Pinocchio and LaRita Nelson is the Queen of Hearts.

On Oct. 14 at the Ferron Library, King Henry the Eighth of England disappeared; his Majesty had come out of the history section to visit with the fantasy and fairy tale section people. He is said to have boasted to Snow White, Cinderella, Goldilocks, and several others about his eight wives and how he would cut off their heads when he tired of them. He told Huck Finn that he wished Huck was his son instead of Prince Edward, and tried to get Peter Pan to teach him to fly, Pinocchio was so upset by the king that he threatened to turn him into a donkey. Almost 30 other famous and respected fairy tale characters were there and witnessed the activities of the king.

In light of the disappearance, two of the greatest sleuths in fiction Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple were called into investigate and solve the mystery of just what had happened to His Royal Highness. Following the intensive investigation by Mr. Holmes and Miss Marple of what had happened, who had been there, what was seen and heard and who had an axe to grind, Mr. Holmes solves the crime by explaining that Cinderella had done away with the king because he wanted to marry her and she was afraid. So Cinderella using some magic dust she got from her Fairy God Mother, who was also there, snuck into the library during the day when the king was in his books and using Mr. Holmes pipe lighter, she burned all of the books that King Henry the Eighth was mentioned in. So he completely disappeared. When we last spoke to Cinderella she was hoping to plead the charge down to arson.

"The Ferron Blue Hills Ward had a great night on Tuesday at the Ferron Library acting out the above mystery. Thirty ladies and girls came dressed as many fictional characters and had a great evening," said organizers.

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