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What do you see?

Do you see anything unusual in the cliff out in the San Rafael Swell?

One of our readers sent in this photo they took on a trip across the San Rafael Swell. He writes, "I flew out to Los Angeles one way in August to pick my son up and bring him back home.

"The first to leave the nest has already returned. On our journey driving cross country back to Boston, we stopped at the San Rafael Swell. You have the best looking state in the United States.

"Such beauty and the mountains just keep on changing and changing. The reason for this e-mail is to show you what you have in your county on Interstate 70 along the San Rafael Swell.

"I looked at the mountain and said 'Danny, look at that' He instantly said 'It's Christ crucified.' He then went on to take pictures of the site. So it's up to you the readers to see if you see anything unusual in this cliffside.

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