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Green River discusses community center

Ceiling damage at the Community Center in Green River.
The Green River Community Center suffers severe damage from high winds and rain in Green River. The building has been condemned and the Community Center is looking for a temporary home until a new building can be constructed.

Staff writer

The Green River Community Center and Boy's and Girl's Club recently suffered a severe roof collapse. During heavy rains and wind, the ceiling in the hallway portion of the building collapsed under the weight. It has since been condemned due to the fact that asbestos in the ceiling tiles is not longer contained.

Blaine Evans approached the city council with a request for a donation of a parcel of property to be deeded to the community center to construct a new facility. He said most of the grants they will apply for require a parcel of land first. "We also feed 56 seniors everyday, along with the preschool and HeadStart," said Evans. "If the community center is forced to close, the community will lose many services. Our request is that the city council consider deeding a parcel of land so we can move forward with plans for a new community center. We are also requesting the council approach the Emery County commissioners to give us the old senior center for a temporary facility. We could possibly be in that building for four years," said Evans.

The council approved to deed property to the community center for construction of a new facility. They also approved to allow Mayor Pat Brady to submit a bid for the old senior center in Green River to be used for a temporary facility. The community center will be responsible for updating the structure to meet codes.

Wade Williams addressed the council concerning the garbage hauling contract with the city. His company has had the contract with the city for the past four years and it expired a month ago. He requested a new 10 year contract with a fuel surcharge which would be adjustable with the price of fuel.

Mayor Brady explained this was not an agenda item and the city could not act on this proposal. Councilman Dan Harrison asked if the city could award a contract without putting the contract out for bids. City recorder Conae Black explained that in the past no one has bid except City Sanitation and they could just extend his contract. Mayor Brady scheduled a special meeting to discuss this further and consider extending the contract with City Sanitation.

In other business conducted by the Green River City Council, a petition was accepted which was presented by Tom Burr and concerned city beautification and nuisance ordinances. Councilman Keith Brady informed the council that a new nuisance ordinance is almost ready to present for approval.

A curfew ordinance was approved for minors under the age of 18 in public places. This ordinance requires all minors under age 18, not be in any public places between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. on Sunday through Thursday nights. As for Friday and Saturday, the curfew hours will be midnight through 5 a.m. Any violation of this ordinance will be charged as a class B misdemeanor.

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