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Letter to the Editor: When time passes



Oh yeah, we read or listen to all the promises, if attending the Meet Your Candidate Forum. What did he say? Wasn't that very similar to what the previous candidate said as "he" ran for the same office several years ago. Why, darn it, this stuff has always worked in this area. This county was settled with good intentions and by heck its going to go down in the same spirit.

Oh yeah, I have never heard anyone mention about the need for State Highway 10 needing serious help.

Or did I? Hasn't this been put on the "back burner" for quite some time now. There's only a few passenger cars and the majority are "big trucks" and we can squeeze by. Oh well, it is music to my ears and a good omen that the Moore Cut-off Road is soon to be oiled. If those "bloody" Saudi Arabians cut loose with some oil.

Hey, don't we have a "grundle" of tar sands just down the road? This shouldn't cause any problems with anyone if we extract those resources out of the ground, pave the highways and use these resources for the betterment of mankind and have a wide enough road for two cars and avoid an inevitable crash or two.

"Not on my watch" we hear as echoes in the past. "Hey", I am only one member of the political arena elected by only a few and I'm not sure they really know what's best for the majority. And my job is on the line if I raise the issues on too many "stupid" solutions to problems.

There are a lot of repairs needed in the county, not to mention the world and even more simply the nation. One or two great men had "a dream" to make the world a better place. No matter what the "dream" it always seemed to have its roots in his local area.

Its time for a change, ladies and gentlemen. Those dreams cannot be realized unless a leader is able to enact legislation to use viable resources around him. It is my premise that individuals retain the most abundant resources, and it takes a very competent elected official to motivate people to enact those changes by getting this individual involved.

Above all, it is the obligation of those trusted and elected into political office to advance mankind into a better lifestyle, without putting his "self interests" as a priority.

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