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Letter to the Editor: In defense of Sarah Palin



I live in Wasilla Alaska, and although I don't know her personally I know her family and have seen what she has done for our state. She, unlike other politicians, stands up for the people who elected her. Her word is her bond. Despite the liberal smear, she stands up for what she believes.

Being from California, Mr. Lowe's assumption that abortion, evolution, teaching sex education to grade schooler, and gun control are mainstream issues for the majority of American. Being from the left coast, I can appreciate his dilusion.

If you believe that taxing those who produce, to provide welfare checks for those who don't pay any taxes is OK, vote against her. If you believe that increased taxing of Main Street will not be passed directly back to you in the form of increased prices for gas, food, clothing or loss of jobs, loss of medical benefits, then vote against her.

If you believe that her experience as a mayor, and governor are less than a community organizer, then vote against her. If the requirements of office are more than being an interested citizen willing to serve and make a difference like our founding fathers, then again vote against her. If you believe that any nation can tax its way to prosperity, please vote against her. If you believe that having zero attacks on our soils since 9/11 is a coincidence, then vote against her.

What I do believe is "mainstream" in America is pulling your own weight, sending your own flesh and blood to the defense of our nation not just talking about it, and that it is absolutely not the government's responsibility to insure anyone the American dream. I do not believe that Socialism is mainstream in America.

Mr. Lowe is right about one thing. Better wake up America.

The liberal machine is again assassinating someone that has the same values as you do.

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