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Letter to the Editor: Military experience is valuable



Senator McCain has a deep understanding of world affairs and defense strategies.

The last President to have significant military experience was George H. W. Bush (the Sr.), and every president before him since Harry Truman served in our military. Our most recent presidents: Bill Clinton, who decimated our military, did not serve in our armed forces; currently, veterans comprise 29 percent of the Senate and 23 percent of the House of Representatives, down from 68 percent and 48 percent, respectively in 1991.

Given this situation we cannot have a president who might weaken our military and jeopardize our country. The way to prevent war is through strength of arms. McCain understands the pitfalls and sacrifices of war, and he is less likely to go to war unless absolutely necessary.

Although the state of the economy is a major concern, we will fix the problems. However, we will not have the opportunity to address domestic issues if we lose our independence and freedom.

Do we gamble on an inexperienced, unknown, and very risky Obama, or do we elect McCain, a proven leader and patriot?

Who do you trust to take the 3 a.m. call?

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