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Letter to the Editor: Making a clarifidation

Former Ferron City Council Member


I am writing this letter to clarify a rumor that has been going around in the county for the past couple weeks, the rumor involves Laurie Pitchforth a current candidate for county commissioner and her tenure on the Ferron City Council. I would like to speak to this rumor; I was serving on the council at the time and served with Laurie.

Laurie was an excellent council member and served her full term. She represented the city well and for the complete time that she was elected. Her term is a public record and anyone who is interested in the truth can have access to the city records just by requesting this information by calling 384-2350 and asking for a copy of the closing minutes for the last year that Laurie served.

I was there and served with Laurie so what I'm saying is not a rumor it is a fact as are the minutes from the meetings.

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