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After suffering through a long, dry summer, Emery deals with too much water all at once

Sandbags were used to hold back the water.

The town of Emery experienced severe flooding from a thunder storm that dumped an incredible amount of rain and hail in 30 minutes around noon on Sept. 12. By 4 p.m. the waters had receded and clean up was in full swing around town.

The whole town of Emery felt the impact of this storm, which left homes, businesses, basements, yards, garages, streets and fields overflowing with water.Even State Highway 10 at mile marker 13 on the north edge of town was closed by the Emery County Sheriff and the Utah Highway Patrol for a time due to large quantities of water flowing across the highway.

This rain fell in Emery and against the mountain to the west of Emery.The flood came off of the higher ground West of Emery and swept through the town as if a dam had burst.

A flood of mud and water swept into and around the houses and businesses causing some wet carpets and furniture.Flooding was reported at Randy's Service Station on Main Street, the Emery City Offices, Live Earth offices, Rockland Corporation offices and many of the homes around the town.

For a few hours the streets and gutters of Emery were rivers of mud and water washing many things in its path from the west side of town to the lower east side.

It appeared that the Jensen home and some homes in the area on the east side of Emery may have suffered more severe flood damage.

Dean Taylor cleans a drain.

The fire department members and many residents were out putting up sandbag and earth barriers to direct the water in the direction they wanted.Later the firefighters were helping clean out storm drains that became clogged with trash. Many members of the community were assisting in maintaining the barriers to keep the flooding of homes to a minimum.

Derrick and Tammie Beagley on the west side of Emery near the cemetery, with a home below the canal reported the hail was two to three inches deep in their yard and the automotive shop was flooded.

Tammie Beagley was sweeping six to eight inches of water, mud and hail out of the automotive shop, while Derrick Beagley hooked up hoses to wash away some of the mud around his home and shop.

John Sundstrom of the Emery Town Council and the Canal Board and several others reported seeing a funnel cloud southeast of Emery just before the storm hit.Judy Mortensen in the Emery City Offices reported that Cassie Lake and Castle Valley Ranch had photos of the funnel cloud.

John Sundstrom of the Emery Canal Board said there were no breaks in the canal. Water was observed flowing over the canal ditch bank behind the home of the Beagley's but the canal was not broken.

Long time residents said this was the worst flooding they had seen in many years.

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