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Desertview Federal Credit Union continues to offer new services to members

Desertview Federal Credit Union in Huntington offers many services to members.
Desertview Federal Credit Union in Huntington and Ferron offers fast and friendly service to customers.

Desertview Federal Credit Union announces a partnership with Accel Members Financial Management to offer their members unlimited access to free financial education and counseling services.

The Accel program provides unbiased information and assistance to help members find solutions to achieve their financial goals. The program has been assisting individuals for more than 44 years and offers assistance on personal and family budgeting; credit report reviews; money management; debt repayment; and avoiding bankruptcy, foreclosure and repossession.

With personal credit card debt carried by the average American reaching more than $8,500 today, Desertview is especially committed to providing their members with valuable resources to help them overcome credit problems and work toward financial health.

All program counselors have had extensive training and education and can negotiate with creditors to reduce payments, interest charges and fees as members work toward paying off their debts. The financial management program also offers workshops covering topics such as buying a home, surviving a job loss and creating a savings plan.

Desertview values their members and strives to provide them with services to meet all aspects of their financial needs. Accel counselors will provide members with personal solutions to their individual concerns, ranging from a proactive savings plan to saving a home from foreclosure."

To find out more information about the Accel financial education and counseling program, visit or call 687-2472 or 384-2822.

Desertview Federal Credit Union has been offering exceptional products, services, and great rates on loans and savings for more than 45 years. Become a lifelong member today to experience the difference at Desertview Federal Credit Union.

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