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Letter to the Editor: What's happening in Orangeville?

Orangeville Librarian


On Oct. 10, Cottonwood Elementary was broken into. They broke a window on the north side of the building by the lunch room. It appears that nothing was taken, but teachers desk drawers were opened. It almost seemed that they were just looking around and wanted everyone to know that someone had been in the building.

On Oct. 15, when the Orangeville Library janitor was finishing up her cleaning, at between 10:30 and 10:45 p.m., someone stuck their bare behind on the back door of the library. She thought they looked to be between eighth and 10th grade. It was UEA weekend and with Halloween coming, she thought it was just kids pulling pranks.

On Oct. 16, the next night, the Orangeville Library was broken into. Someone broke a small window on the north side of the building, opened the small window and crawled in, leaving a few fingerprints and a size 9½ shoe print behind. They were able to get off with around $28. But even more disturbing was that they accessed a computer and visited several pornographic sites, leaving printed pictures and an accurate history of the time they were in the library. The janitor left at 10:15 p.m. and they were on the first website by 10:46 p.m. It seems that they were just waiting for her to leave.

On Oct. 22, another robbery happened. Best Tech Auto, which is across the street from the library, was robbed. They made off with a lot more money than what they got at the library. They broke a window on the west side of the building. Several fingerprints were taken from this site. This was the first time the business had been broken into, but several times they have been vandalized with graffiti and have had problems with some of the cars that were being worked on. The next night, around 9 p.m., they were again broken into. This time it didn't appear they got any money.

Jason Mills, owner of Best Tech Auto, is offering a $200 reward for information leading to the conviction of those that stole from his business.

What is happening in our beautiful community? If you have any information about any of these robberies, please contact the Sheriff's Office at 381-2404.

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