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County elections come to a close

Preliminary county election results came late Tuesday evening after the majority of votes had been tallied.

Laurie Pitchforth won the county commission seat by defeating incumbent Drew Sitterud 2165-1791.

In school board district 1, Sam Singleton edged out Janeal Dugmore 534-384.

Nanette Tanner easily won school board district 2 against write-in candidate Rue Ware 768-63, while Laurel Johansen squeezed past Michael McCandless 465-349 to maintain her seat in school board district 3.

At the time of posting, David Hinkins garnered a 1,229 vote lead over contender Brad King in the district 27 state senate race. Emery County contributed 2,938 votes to Hinkins and 1,423 to King.

At the same time, Christine Watkins edged past Jerry Anderson, 5,976-4,330, in the district 69 state house race.

Look for more details and the breakdown of national and state races in the next Emery County Progress.

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