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Municipal building authority reports on the incubator building

Staff Writer

Mike McCandless reported to the Emery County Municipal Building Authority of the circumstance surrounding the incubator building near Huntington. He has received an inquiry from a business concerning the purchase of the property. The county has been advertising the property for sale.

This interested party is also researching the possibility of doing their project through the Emery County Economic Development Council. Their intent may be to raze the building and acquire the property for construction of their own structure.

McCandless has requested a letter of intent from this interested party. He was also informed about another interested party. He will investigate and request a letter of intent from that party also. McCandless will follow up with both parties and report to the MBA.

In other business conducted by the MBA, a change order concerning the Green River Senior Center was ratified. They heard updates concerning the construction of the Childrens Justice Center, the airport project and the food bank.

The Childrens Justice Center is moving along with the walls being up and the roof going on. Power has been installed, and other utilities will be in soon. As for the airport project, the buildings will arrive during the week of Nov. 10. The power and water lines are going in, and the footers for the buildings are poured. The food bank project has been tabled for the time being, due to lack of funding. Several roof problems will be addressed before winter.

For the Huntington Senior Center kitchen project, the cost estimates came in at nearly $225,000. More research will be done to determine of the architect's plans are too elaborate.

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