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Southeastern Utah mid to late November fishing report

•Abajo Mountains. Anglers report good fishing at Blanding number three and four reservoirs. Fish have been hitting spinners and spoons.

•Duck Fork Reservoir. Try a dark green size 10 scud on sink tip line. Tigers range from 12-16 inches. This water has special regulations: Cutthroat trout must be immediately released. Artificial flies and lures only.

•Mammoth Reservoir. An angler on reported that fishing was exceptionally good with orange-colored flies. This water has special regulations. All cutthroat trout or trout with cutthroat markings must be immediately released.

•Joes Valley Reservoir. The reservoir is closed to fishing until the second Saturday in December. Paul Birdsey suggests fishing Lowry Water during the closure, where tigers up to 15-inches may be taken with a nightcrawler. Joes Valley Reservoir is a special regulation water. Please refer to the 2008 Fishing Guidebook for more information.

•LaSal Mountains. Darek Elverud, DWR Aquatics Biologist, fished Warner Lake on Oct. 10 and reported good fishing for rainbows ranging from 7-11 inches. Darek landed 10 fish in 40 minutes using fly tackle and a black wooly bugger. On Friday and Saturday, Nov. 7 and 8, Darek fished Ken's Lake. On Friday, Darek used a gold spinner to catch 16 trout, ranging from 9-15 inches, in one hour. On Saturday, Darek landed 20 rainbows, ranging from 8-14 inches, using a fly rod and olive wooly bugger.

•Lower Fish Creek. On Nov. 10, Tom Ogden fished from the confluence of the White River upstream to the first railroad bridge. In two hours, he caught three browns and six cutthroats, ranging from 12-14 inches. Tom used floating line and a size 12 beadhead Montana or size 14 beadhead hares ear. The water is shallow and requires a stealthy approach.

•Scofield Reservoir. Steve Regrutto, DWR Aquatics Technician, conducted a creel survey on Nov. 8. Steve reported that a marshmallow and worm combination or green PowerBait worked best. The shoreline opposite the Mountain View unit was very productive for bank anglers, who were catching 14 to 18 inch rainbows. Bank anglers also reported catching good numbers of tiger and cutthroat trout with dead minnows on the east shoreline. Last weekend, Tom Ogden fished from a tube on the east side of the island. He caught 10 trout in five hours. The cutthroats ranged from 16-20 inches and all of the rainbows were around 13-inches. Tom fished in 8-12 feet of water and used a size eight Canada blood leech with a gold rib or a size six beadhead black leech with a gold rib.

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