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Is there a difference between 'disk' and 'disc'?

Web/IT Admin

Anyone who has ever touched a computer knows that they are so enshrouded in technical jargon that even technology experts often get confused.

To make them even more confusing, while some of the jargon sounds exactly the same, some words refer to different things, depending on how they are spelled.

For example, take the word disk. Or is it disc? Both spellings are very common in the computing world.

One could assume that one is just a common mis-spelling. Controversely, one could assume that both spellings are correct and are completely interchangeable.

Both of those assumptions would actually be wrong.

The fact is, the word "disk" is usually indicative of magnetic storage devices - things like floppy disks, hard disk drives, and so on.

The word "disk" is also used in conjunction with Flash-driven storage devices, like camera cards and portable USB drives.

In contrast, the word "disc" is generally used with optical storage media like CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs.

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