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Man of La Mancha

Man of La Mancha, Brantz Woolsey, tells everyone of his vision and his "Impossible Dream".
Brett Mecham, Rebecca Lofley, Justin Cox and Karla Urie administer to the Man of La Mancha on his death bed.
Neal Peacock plays the innkeeper who knights the Man of La Mancha. Brantz Woolsey plays the Man of LaMancha and Ben Partis plays his squire.
The Man of La Mancha fights for the golden crown against Barber. Colton Judd plays Barber with Davin Bennett and Ben Partis also in the scene.

The Emery High Drama Department presented the Man of La Mancha on Nov. 20-22.

Brantz Woolsey played the part of the Man of LaMancha.

Kaitlin Potter played his true love, Dulcinah.

Teacher Neal Peacock took part in the production playing the inn keeper who also had the privilege of knighting the Man of LaMancha.

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