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Building authority projects going forth

Crews work on the floor for the new hangar building at the Huntington Airport.
Crews install a new fire hydrant at the airport.

Staff writer

The Green River Senior Center was the first topic of discussion at the recent Emery County Municipal Building Authority. Commissioner Gary Kofford explained several expenditures which caused the center to go just slightly over budget. Those costs were due to architects charges. The architect was used for several items not in the original construction estimates. This was the cause of the overage.

The MBA also gave Commissioner Kofford the authority to change the sign at the center. The current sign reads Green River Center. After a number of complaints, the approval was given to pursue and change the name of the building to the Green River Senior Center. That estimated cost is $2,200-2,300.

Maughan Guymon has submitted a request to purchase several items of equipment for the Green River Senior Center. The MBA approved to get the required bids for the items.

Approval was given to acquire the service lines for the Childrens Justice Center and the Huntington Airport. These lines are a part of the ongoing projects.

Commissioner Kofford informed the members of the board about the budget for the fiscal year 2009 projects. Projects on that list include remodel and update of the Emery County Care and Rehab, funding for the weed and mosquito district project, remodel at the Huntington Senior Center, pavement work at the Ferron Senior Center, and continued projects at the Huntington Airport. More discussion will be undertaken and a final budget will be available at the Dec. 16 commission meeting.

Improvements at the Huntington Airport continue to progress. The sewer lines and septic tank have been installed, and the water lines are installed into the buildings. The floors for both buildings will be poured and the iron will be going up for the buildings by the end of next week.

Mike McCandless gave the MBA a letter of interest for the incubator building. He stated another letter is coming in the very near future. "By the next meeting we will have two very detailed proposals for the site," said McCandless. The MBA approved to approach the county attorney for a letter of eviction for the current tenant.

The MBA will meet again on Jan. 6, 2009 at 2 p.m. in the commission chambers.

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