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Green River High Lady Pirates basketball begins season

Cady Mecham fights to maintain control of the ball.
Crosby Hatt with the ball for the Lady Pirates.
Green River plays some tough defense.

guest writer

The Green River Lady Pirates basketball team began the season at the 1A girls basketball preview at the Sevier Valley Center in Richfield. The team played the Rich Rebels on Friday, Nov. 21 and the Bryce Valley Mustangs the 22nd. Though there was much to be said for the games, the ending score is something better left forgotten. The girls played hard and have an idea of some of the skills they need to concentrate on for future games. Playing at the SVC center is a great opportunity for the girls as this is where the State tournament is held and they plan on spending some considerable time on the court come spring time.

On Nov. 25 the Lady Pirates traveled to that school down south to play the Lady Red Devils. Now this was a game. There was tough, physical play on both sides of the court and some great basketball being played by both teams. Green River showed patience on offense and some nice stops on defense. The girls hustled and showed heart on the court. This was rewarded by a score of 41 to 40 at the end of 3 quarters - Red Devils up by one. Then something happened and at the final buzzer, the score was 69 to 45 - favoring the Lady Red Devils.

The Grand High gym was fairly crowded at this yearly endowment game and the excitement entering the game by the fans and Lady Pirates could be felt but the final score kinda stung. Coaches and players will review the game and see just went wrong and make appropriate adjustments and then have the team head back out to the hard wood and play another game. It's what its about this time of year. You gotta love it baby!!!

The Lady Pirates beat the Lady Tigers 51-23 on Tuesday. Brandi Webster scores 20 and Lindsey Spadafora hits 12 to lead the Pirates to their first win. also scoring for the Lady Pirates was Cady Mecham - 6, Courtney Carter - 4, Tracy Engleman - 4, Crosby Hatt - 2, Bailie Packer - 2, and Sarah Swalberg - 1. Monica Weaver of Tabiona led the tigers with 9. Green River Lady Pirates Team Roster #3 Sarah Swalberg, #5 Bailie Packer, #11 Brittney Bastian, #14 Diana Flores, #15 Brandi Webster, #21 Jill Vetere, #23 Bianca Trejo, #31 Cady Mecham, #34 Megan Hatt, #35 Courtney Carter, #41 Crosby Hatt and #45 Melissa Antillon.

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