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Commission approves zoning for industrial park

Mike McCandless, Emery County Economic Development Director at the Mancos Hills Industrial Park.


The Emery County Commissioners held a public hearing at the Dec. 2 commission meeting to hear any comments on the rezoning of the Mancos Hills Industrial Park proposed for Green River.

Mike McCandless, Emery County Economic Development Director spoke concerning the zoning change. "We are rezoning so the industrial park will just be an industrial zone. It was never our intent to allow commercial development like truck stops and gas stations. We don't want to stretch Green River out. The planning and zoning commission held a public hearing in Green River where they heard comments and concerns. On Oct. 8 the zoning commission gave final approval for the rezoning and forwarded the matter to the county commission. The county commission requested a public hearing be held before they gave final approval for the zoning change," said McCandless.

Commissioner Gary Kofford sees the industrial park as a benefit for Green River and Emery County as a whole.

Green River City Recorder Conae Black wondered if they have the support of the private landowners near the industrial park.

McCandless said they haven't had any objections from the private landowners.

Black also pointed out that Green River City could only provide the water to the industrial site if the zoning is changed to industrial.

McCandless said Grand County has been in contact with him concerning the industrial park and they want to be informed of any developments with the site. McCandless said that Emery County is under no legal obligation to Grand County. Emery County can determine the uses for the industrial site, whether Grand County agrees with it or not. At the current time the new site doesn't have any tenants.

McCandless said the zoning change came from a request from SITLA last January and SITLA initiated that process and the zoning commission followed through with the request.

The county commission voted to approve the zoning change for the industrial park.

McCandless reported to the economic development council that Mancos Resources is the most on track and is requesting 640 acres and it is hoped an escrow agreement will be reached on the land by the end of this year. "Transition Power is still looking at the site and we have other serious companies who have looked at the site. We feel good about the prospects," said McCandless.

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