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MBA and the incubator building

Staff writer

During the first regular meeting of the Board of the Municipal Building Authority of Emery County, Commissioner Jeff Horrocks was elected president of that board. Emery County Commissioners Gary Kofford and Laurie Pitchforth sit on that board along with Sharon Jensen and Randy Jensen.

Commissioner Kofford led a discussion into the events surrounding the attempted sale of the incubator building near the Huntington Airport. He introduced economic development director Mike McCandless who is handling the talks for the facility.

McCandless stated he has made contact with all interested parties who have shown interest in the past and requested their proposals for the site. He has received two proposals. Those proposals are from EAO Services and Lynn Sitterud of Mac's Mining.

The proposal from EAO Services was for $10,000 and would begin construction in 12-24 months. The new facility would employ two-four people.

The proposal from Sitterud was for $32,000. That facility would employ four-12 employees, with the caveat he not be charged at the landfill for disposal of the current building or the building permit to erect a new one.

Commissioner Kofford stated he has spoken with county attorney David Blackwell and discussed the terms of acceptance of either of these proposals. Due to the length this process has taken, and the advertising that has been done, Blackwell feels the board is in compliance to accept a proposal immediately.

The MBA accepted the proposal from Sitterud with the exception of the building permit waiver. That decision will be required to come from the county commission. McCandless was instructed to again contact Sitterud and inform him of the board's actions.

Commissioner Kofford gave an update concerning the project at the Huntington Airport. He said the utility work is nearly complete with just the meter base installation being required. The quality of the water at the facility was checked and has passed. The red steel frames for the two new buildings are up and the insulation and skins for the buildings will soon be completed. Installation of the asphalt will be postponed until weather permits in the spring.

A concerned citizen asked if the money being invested in the airport is a viable investment. Commissioner Kofford stated the importance of an updated airport adds greatly to the economic development of Emery County. Kofford said with each upgrade, more planes use the facility.

The MBA meets the second Tuesday of each month at 2 p.m. in the commission chambers.

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