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Letter to the editor: Honoring Nielson Trucking



I would like to take this opportunity to tip my hat and say how much I appreciate the professional truck drivers who work for Nielson Construction Company of Huntington. Wayne and John Nielson can be proud of the way their employees conduct themselves on the highways, and local roads where they haul coal, gravel, asphalt, heavy equipment and other products associated with their many activities.

My focus for this letter is on the coal truck drivers who haul from the Consol Mine, South of Emery. These drivers are courteous, respectful and aware of others who may be on the road. Nielson's trucks are well kept, maintained and project a sense of pride in those that drive them.

As a resident of the town of Emery and one who lives next to the main highway, I appreciate the fact that these drivers slow to the speed limit all the way through town, day or night. I appreciate the fact that they watch for and anticipate the unexpected from others on the highway and that they drive so as not to push the limits of themselves or their trucks.

They do not tailgate and push you down the highway or through town. They do not tolerate others tailgating them. I have witnessed them pulling over to allow the other more aggressive truck drivers to pass. During the night you can tell the difference between when the Nielson trucks are running and when the other two companies who also haul coal through our town are running.

The Nielson trucks run slower and quieter, this is very much appreciated. I wish that the other companies who haul coal through our community would be as courteous, respectful, and safety minded.

Thank you to the Nielson drivers, and to their supervisors for respecting not only others they might encounter on the road, but for respecting those who live in the towns that they haul through. I thank Wayne and John Nielson for instilling in their employees a sense of pride, respect for others and an attitude of safety that reaches beyond the job site and on to the streets and highways.

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