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Letter to the editor: Changing Presidents



Early in, the now departing, Pres. Bush's first term we were viciously attacked with a method and magnitude that was formerly unprecedented. These attacks called for a combined new and an age old response our enemies would not fail to understand. Our mechanisms for self protection had to be updated and improved. Previous errors in judgment needed to be righted and most important, our enemy's perception of our ability and determination to wage war needed to be refreshed.

In the middle of his second term the President announced a new policy for Iraq which involved a change of strategy requiring more, not less, boots on the ground; the opposite of what many demanded. The President's party had recently suffered electoral losses which were attributed to the conflict in Iraq. The leadership of the winning party declared defeat in Iraq. They stated our failure, followed by retreat, was the only option available.

Fortunately this counsel was not followed, had it been our nation would have lost all credibility in the world. Our military, the wounded, and the families of lives forever gone, would forever be stricken with the nagging burden that their sacrifices were performed in vain.

Now as Pres. Bush leaves office I am grateful we were blessed with a leader who had the honor and courage to follow a difficult road and never lose track of the final destination, victory in war. I hope our new President, now the defense of our nation is carried on his shoulders, will continue on in the same spirit. I hope he will be vigilant and never allow our enemies to destroy our hard won freedom and civilization.

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