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Mom and Pops Emporium worldwide web business

Jerry and Ronda Hickam operate their web business from their home in Ferron.

Staff writer

Jerry and Ronda Hickam of Ferron have opened a new business. They have become entrepreneurs in the finest sense. Their store is called Mom and Pops Emporium, but don't go looking for the sign unless you are looking on the worldwide web. This store,, carries more than 10,000 items of every kind and description, such as coats, vests, cookware, sporting goods, GPS units, jewelry, necklaces, earrings, computers-Dell-Sony, laptops-Sony, perfume, grandfather and cuckoo clocks, sheets and comforters, WII games, Betty Boop figures, and more.

The couple began working on this project in December of 2008, and their website opened just after the first of the year. They were previously doing business on Ebay when a friend called and told them they should consider having their own website. They began to check into the possibilities and decided to go for it.

By hosting their own site, they would save the costs they were presently paying to Ebay to use that service. They kept the same suppliers and drop shipper and are now doing business for themselves.

"We are just trying to earn a little extra money, nowadays with the price of gas and everything else going up," said Ronda. "For two seniors on a fixed income, getting by isn't as easy as it used to be. We are both disabled and this store does not require any physical labor from us. We just get on the computer, track our inventory, update the site, and take care of business."

Ronda added, "This is so exciting to take on. We have something for everyone and if you don't see what you want, email us and we will get it. We will offer specials for every holiday and special occasion. For those people who create an account on our site, which doesn't cost anything to create, we will send out notification by email of holiday specials and new items. Right now we are offering $10 off the first order of $50 or more."

More and more people are shopping online due to the busyness of their lives. This website offers many options and ideas for your shopping convenience. Check it out:

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