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Cleveland residents urged to give input on new fire station

The new fire station if approved will be constructed in this vacant lot across from Cleveland Elementary.

The Cleveland Town Council will hold a public hearing on Feb. 12, at 7 p.m. The council members encourage area residents to attend this hearing and give their input on the proposed new public safety building. Floor plans that are being considered may be viewed at the Cleveland Town Office.

The Council is working diligently to get help with funding for the new building. They also have been approached about and are considering the possibility of selling the old town office building to help with funding the new building. However, residents should know that if the new fire station building is approved city taxes will be increased.

Other items of business discussed at this meeting included the following:

The council voted on and approved opening of the new section eight of the cemetery.

They agreed only whole plots which is eight graves will be sold in this section as there are still plenty of single lots available in the older section of the cemetery.

Also approved was the scraping and painting of the cemetery fence as a scout project, the purchase of a snow plow blade and the city agreed to trade fill dirt for future projects for the time of city worker Steve Taylor on the back-hoe to dig a trench for a resident.

Last but not least, a big thank you was given to all the Cleveland residents who helped with snow removal on the sidewalks and streets during the recent storms.

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