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Racquetball tourney at Food Ranch

Kathy Sherman, Kevin Norried, Bill Wardle and Jared Ballard play in the racquetball tourney at Food Ranch.
Scott Labrum and David Allred are the doubles champions.

The Emery County Recreation District hosted their first racquetball tournament at the racquetball court upstairs at Food Ranch in Orangeville.

There were 16 participants in this inaugural tournament. Eight players in the singles and eight players in the doubles. They went to the score of 15 and the best two out of three games.

It was an all day event and the players all said they had a great time. Tab Weihing with the recreation district said they have plans for more events of this type and in March they are going to have a dodge ball tournament. More information coming on that as details are finalized. There are also plans to have a racquetball clinic to introduce beginners to the sport. The recreation district has a few racquets available for practice and they will be put to use at the clinic. Players who used to participate at the racquet ball court at Food Ranch are being asked to come back and get back into the sport. Weihing said, "It's a great sport to help keep you in shape."

Those participating this day included: Reiner Bradley, Kevin Norried, David Allred, Scott Labrum, Bill Wardle, Kelly Duke; in singles. Doubles included: Kathy Sherman, Kevin Norried, Bill Wardle, Jared Ballard, Jeff Noyes, JT Noyes, Reiner Bradley and Kelly Duke, David Allred and Scott Labrum. David Allred was the singles champion and David Allred and Scott Labrum were the doubles champions.

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