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Canyon View Cougars Take Wrestling Championship

The Castle Valley Athletic Association Wrestling Tournament for local junior high schools was held on Dec. 19, at Mont Harmon Junior High School in Price.

Five schools participated and the standings are as follows: 1st place, Canyon View Junior High; 2nd place, Mont Harmon Junior High; 3rd place, Helper Junior High; 4th place, San Rafael Junior High; and 5th place, East Carbon.

Individual participants and standings for CVJH were: At 75 pounds was Alex Brown; at 81 pounds were Jaden Bagley, 2nd place; Hayden Hansen, 1st place; and Wacey Allred; at 87 pounds were: Jacob Bawden, 1st place and Danny Bawden; at 93 pounds was Jesse Jensen, 2nd; at 99 pounds were Oswaldo Espino, 3rd place; Guy Judd and Bowdy McMullin.

At 105 pounds were: Mike Stream, 1st place; Jex Jensen, 3rd place; Kevin Powell and Craig Guymon; at 111 pounds were: Kendall Bird, 2nd place; Dusty Thompson and Bryce Goshorn; at 118 pounds were: Macade Jensen, 2nd place and Josh Dotson, 3rd place.

At 125 pounds were: Daniel Espino, 2nd place; Burton Brown, 4th place, and Klint Eastman; at 132 pounds were: Joaquin Ortega, 3rd place, and Chad Norton; at 140 pounds were: Oshai Davis, 5th place, and Dereck Jensen: at 148 pounds was Matt Guymon, 2nd place.

At 155 pounds was: David Holman, 4th place; at 175 pounds was: Bruce Clement, 1st place; and Heavy Weight was Laramie Jensen.

Coaches for CVJH are: Doug Mecham, Rick Bird, and Dan'l Anselmo. Managers are: Jerica Jensen, Breezie Jensen, Krista Ungerman, Vic Rosen and Joey Bernard (injured).

Canyon View Junior High were also League Champions with an 8-0 standing.

San Rafael Junior High School wrestlers took 4th place in the tournament.

Individual participants and place standings for San Rafael Junior High are as follows: At 75 pounds were: Steven Giles, 2nd place and Justin Oakeson; at 81 pounds was Kesler Tanner; at 87 pounds were: Kyle Gortat, Kassidy Thompson, Kyle Bell, and Leslie Reece; at 93 pounds were Logan Debry, 3rd place and Tyler Swenson, 4th place; at 99 pounds were: Robbie Kemple, 4th place; Michael Montgomery and Donnee Hensley; at 118 pounds were Jordon McCourt, 4th place, and Logan Huntsman.

At 124 pounds was: Dane Worwood, 4th place; at 132 were Codee Gortat, 4th place, and Anthony Alford; at 140 were: Jess Housekeeper, 3rd place and Darrel Finch; at 155 were: Jeremy Judd, 3rd place and Jake Mangum; at 175 pounds was Tyler Christmas; and Heavy Weight was Steven Swasey, 1st place.

Coaches for San Rafael Junior High are: Brad Giles, Yory Allred, and Ken Christiansen.

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