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Southeastern Utah fishing report

Scofield Reservoir and other lakes in the area are covered by snow. Rainy conditions two weekends ago made for a wet, slushy mess, which made it difficult for anglers.

This is the weekly report from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources on the fishing conditions in the area.

•Electric Lake. Weekend blizzard conditions kept anglers at home. There is open water at the north end of the reservoir, where the mine's water discharges into the lake. Anglers may also encounter springs or isolated pockets of open water. Please use caution.

•Huntington North Reservoir. Anglers can expect slow fishing at the reservoir.

•Huntington Reservoir.Blizzard conditions over the last weekend in January put a stop to angler activity. The ice is thick and covered with snow. Angler access is difficult, and drilling an ice hole is even harder.

•Joes Valley Reservoir.Conservation Officer Casey Mickelsen reported fair to good fishing on Jan. 24 for 10 to 12 inch splake. He checked 10 parties of anglers, all of whom were using jigs tipped with chub meat. Mickelsen recommends fishing west of the new boat ramp and south of Lowry Water. Ron Sorensen of Mount Pleasant, who caught a 27-inch splake on Jan. 3, caught another 27-incher on Jan. 17. It weighed an estimated eight pounds. Sorensen fishes with a custom yellow/chartreuse jig tipped with chub meat. He fished in 12 feet of water near the Lowry Water inlet on the north side of the lake. He reported catching a lot of small splake that moved around in schools, so the bite alternated between hot and cold all day long.

•Millsite State Park. Fishing is slow.

•Scofield Reservoir.Sergeant Stacey Jones reported that Scofield Reservoir was rainy all weekend (Jan. 21-23). Rain, slush and a slick surface made it very difficult to move around on the ice. Fishing was slow across the reservoir, regardless of tackle.

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