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Bio-Matrix demonstration at LEPC

Todd Hinkins demonstrates the ability of the Bio-matrix to absorb the oil and the transmission fluid in the pan. Hinkins sells the product which is produced in Canada. The product is a benefit for oil spill clean-ups and is an organic product.


The Emery County Local Emergency Planning Committee meets every other month for training and discussion on becoming more vigilant and prepared for emergencies.

At the February LEPC Todd Hinkins demonstrated the use of Bio-Matrix absorbent. This product is basically heat treated peat moss cut from the roots so the hollow bits of moss are hydrophobic or absorb oil but not water. For reclamation the absorbent is used three pounds/gallon of hydrocarbon. It dissolves hydrocarbons and breaks down into humic acid, a fertilizer to the ground. The medium is capable of retaining the hydrocarbon up to 50 psi before it releases it. It can be used on oil slicks on water which attracts the hydrocarbon during the first 24 hours. After that it will absorb the water. Those interested in prices of the product can check with Todd Hinkins at Industrial Electric. Capt. Kyle Ekker said those committee members interested in sampling the product can take a small bag from the Sheriff's Office supply to try out.

The Awareness Fair for Emery and Carbon counties will be March 26, at 4 p.m. at the Carbon County fairgrounds. The residents of Emery County are encouraged to attend this quality fair. Capt. Ekker will check to see if CODE Red can be tested with a message inviting county residents to attend.

Lisa Allen, VISTA volunteer, will track NIMS compliance and collect certificates of completion of NIMS classes for county responders and civic leaders.

Cynthia Grant presented powerpoint highlights of "Creating Vigilant, Prepared and Resilient Communities" training held at the courthouse on Jan. 12-15, about 15 from the county attended.

Richard Gee from the state haz-mat office alerted the group about the peanut butter salmonella outbreak. Products made with commercial peanut butter are suspect. Two manufacturers proved positive for contamination. Food products such as snack cakes have been taken from shelves. So far bottles of peanut butter were uncontaminated. But, products made with a peanut butter paste from the affected companies are causing health problems. Many people have been affected, including some deaths.

Jed Allred, the school district representative said that secondary schools will be contacted for lockdowns. Sgt. Tom Harrison will let the elementaries know to see if they are interested.

The committee would like to include CERT and MRC help in some of these exercises.

There was good community feedback from the Grossman training and news and educational articles which were published in the Emery County Progress. The evening session was not well attended, however more than 600 officers attended the day time lecture.

Jerry Livingston, Huntington City representative asked where the neighborhood watch books were. These had been prepared and delivered prior to Judy Lang leaving, but were retrieved in order to make some corrections. They will be corrected and returned to Huntington City.

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