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Letter to the editor: Accident in Green River

Bullhead City


On Dec. 9 I had the misfortune of being involved in an accident at the Gas and Go in Green River. I was hit outside my car by another vehicle, so it was a very traumatic experience. If it had to happen, I feel so blessed to have had it happen in that town.

The care and almost immediate attention by all was through the roof, above and beyond the norm and anything that could be expected. I truly wish I could thank and have a name for each and every one personally.

The fireman who was there first knows who he is and I truly hope others do as well. He was very calming and genuine in his care and concern. The EMTs arrived rapidly and I felt the same warmth and sincerity in their treatment as well.

The one whose name I do remember is Tracey Siaperas. She was with me through it all and has checked on me even since I returned to Bullhead City, Ariz. She is to truly be appreciated in your community for the asset she is.

PA Kim McFarland was extremely empathetic and took great care with me urging me to stay the night as I well should have. The cut that he "superglued" is nearly invisible already...another fantastic asset to that community.

Then there was Deputy Sheriff Jorgenson who urged me to stay but then went to great lengths to secure my car door so I could return home safely. From what I witnessed, there wasn't a one who wasn't willing to do and help more than was within their job description.

In this world of general indifference towards neighbors and fellow man, this was a wonderfully refreshing reminder of how small communities are. I am originally from one. Green River is full of amazing people who know what life truly is all about and how to contribute selflessly.

I very sincerely appreciate everyone I encountered that day...each and everyone made an impact on my heart.

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